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Paca Powder
Made in SwedenPaca Powder comes in a natural vanilla flavour. It’s completely vegan and contains the fats, fibre, protein and carbs your body needs. Plus all the essential vitamins and min...
Shake2Day Break
Made in The NetherlandsShake2Day Break is perfect to combine a shake with in a Duopack. In that way, you consume 100% of your RDI in vitamins, 80& of your RDI in minerals and 70% of your omega’...
YFood YFood
Made in GermanyYFood is nutrition for the new generation, which is more mobile than ever before and has understood the importance of a healthy diet at affordable terms. YFood satisfies your hunge...
Bivo Bivo
Made in ItalyBivo contains 685 calories, equivalent to the content of a full meal, which means one third of the recommended calories for the normal daily activity of an adult individual. Biv...
Your PopUp Meal
Made in BelgiumYour PopUp Meal – a science-based nutritionally balanced ready-to-drink meal for busy people. Designed for your breakfast, it is also a good fit for lunch or after a workout Hand...
Lently Lently
Made in The NetherlandsYour smart food choice; Lently is a powdered meal that provides you with all the minerals, vitamins, fats, fibres, carbohydrates and proteins you need in less than 2 minutes. Veget...

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So what are Complete Foods?

The best way to explain what Complete Foods are is to first define what they are notComplete Foods are not Slimfast for nerds. They are not a diet plan (though they do fit well into one) and they are not designed around weight loss (though again, they can be used here to great effect).

Complete Foods are, simply; the idea that good nutrition can be refined and reduced to the point where meals are simple, cost effective, take the minimal of fuss and yet are still properly balanced and nutritionally complete.

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The most reviewed items within the EatComplete community.


Ships from France
Vitaline Powder

Vitaline is a healthy nutritional mix, complete and balanced, designed with the aim of you…

Vitaline Powder
Ships from The NetherlandsShips from USA
Plenny Shake

Plenny Shake gives you perfect nutrition without any effort. Mix powder with water to crea…

Plenny Shake
Ships from Austria

Europe’s first Ready to Drink in a bottle with a subtle and fine taste you won’t get tir…

Ships from Germany

YFood is nutrition for the new generation, which is more mobile than ever before and has u…

Ships from UKShips from USA

Huel is a nutritionally complete powdered food that contains all the proteins, carbs, and …

Ships from USA
Soylent Drink

Soylent Drink is a ready-to-drink meal in a bottle that provides 20% of your daily nutriti…

Soylent Drink


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