After revamping the dashboard, updating the Queal Points system, and the new bars, it’s now time to upgrade your Queal experience with our App. Today we’re releasing the (very much) Beta version of it for feedback.

A full app, not yet full of functionalities

The app will be able to show you everything you normally do on your desktop. You can see your order history, update your tracking (with soon live tracking) and see your environmental impact.

What is missing is what we want to know from you. Here are some of the things we’re thinking about:

  • Live tracking: Keep track of your Queal meals eaten, and maybe even enter macros of other meals
  • Notifications: Be in the know when we have new Limited Editions (or old ones are almost sold out), notifications of tracking, etc
  • Order via the App: Now you will be sent to the website, but maybe you want to order via the App (you can adjust your subscription already via the App)

The Queal App is available on Android (for the time being).

Go check it out!