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Yesterday began with me running late. I had the hardest time dragging myself out of bed to get to work. I finally got there, and drank my coffee based soylent… it was amazing. The day progressed fairly normally at first. The first thing I noticed was that the hunger that was common with day 1 was almost altogether gone. That is until lunch. The smell of food is magnified a hundred times. My body reacted viscerally to the scents around me. My stomach rumbled, but the hunger I felt the first day was gone. Around noon though I started to crash and it wasn’t something I was going to recover from with another hit of soylent. I rarely have ever felt this level of pure exhaustion. I was falling asleep at my desk, and nearly did so on the way home from work. I fell asleep when I got home slept the sleep of the dead for two hours.

Several explanations for this arise.

1. It’s the soylent, and I am reacting poorly to it.
2. I had a growing sleep deficit all week long and it came back to bite me.
3. I switched from energy drinks and soda as my primary source of caffeine to coffee.
4. In my switch I am unintentionally cutting my caffeine intake dramatically.

I doubt that 1 is the…

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