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This morning when I stood on the scale I weighed 288. The result of one week of my soylent experiment is 6 pounds of weight loss. I’m more than thrilled.

Today is also payday, and looking at my dwindling supply of soylent I had a gut check moment, do I want to keep going with this or do I call two weeks good enough for now? I decided of course to re-supply.

Results matter. I remember two days prior to my soylent trial my blood pressure was taken and it was too high (go see a doctor and maybe get put on meds if this continues high). Yesterday my blood pressure was 127/84, healthy level. I also had a massive caffeine habit. I can say that I’ve been caffeine free for 5 and a half days. I’m not anti-caffeine, and I never fully set out to quitting it when I started this trial, but I sure am glad to be free of the dependency. I’m sure it also played a part in dropping my bp.

The road here hasn’t been without it’s challenges. Extreme fatigue marked the first half of week 1.

Sunday was a particular low point. We had a frozen pizza in our fridge that I fed to my daughters, but they didn’t want to eat much of the pizza so most of it was just lying around. I lost my willpower and ate the…

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