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Followup: I submitted a polite comment pointing out the contradiction on the linked review page. It was “awaiting moderation” for a day. Now it has disappeared. However, they have also removed the negative (and false) sentences about maltodextrin from the review!

The Diets In Review web site calls itself “the largest and most trusted diet resource on the web”. They recently reviewed Soylent (the link above). The review is from the standpoint of weight loss, and of course Soylent is not intended as a weight-loss shake. For example, they criticize Soylent RTD for having 400 calories per bottle, “a significant amount of calories. Some weight loss shakes have only around 100 calories and they offer hours of appetite suppression.”

The review is commendably detailed, discussing each of the macronutrients in turn, but in these discussions they reveal a deliberate, blatant bias toward the diet shake they prefer, 18 Shake, which is heavily promoted throughout the Diets in Review site.

In the Soylent review they write

…maltodextrin… ranks high on the glycemic index, which may be damaging to those who have concerns with their blood sugar.  Live Strong.com reviewed a study which…

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