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We know so many of you have been waiting for this, and we’re absolutely thrilled to break the news.

Earlier this spring, we brought you the new, affordable pricing with the 1600 kcal 10-serving Big Bags and the permanent nearly -30% price reduction to the Ambronite Original you know and love, now for just 1.99 a serving.

Today, we’ve just launched three now flavors that are guaranteed to make your tastebuds dance.

The new flavors are available in our EU & Global online store on a limited time launch campaign:

– 10% for single orders for 72h  (campaign over)
– 15% off of subscriptions for life!

All delicious flavors are available immediately with fast international shipping. Fear not, they’re coming very soon to our US and Canada online stores, too!

Each new flavor takes your Ambronite experience to a whole new level of tasty adventure. 

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