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Queal has worked to keep up user interest with a series of “limited edition” flavors – last fall’s “Speculaas” (or is it “Speculoos”?) flavor was a big hit and will likely return this fall. (For us Norte Americanos,?Speculaas?is a North-European shortbread cookie served at the holidays. It is heavily spiced with cinammon, nutmeg, cloves etc.) Now JimmyJoy is jimmyjumping onto the bandwagon with a “limited edition” Coconut flavor.

The idea of a “limited edition” flavor makes sense in several ways. It perks up interest among users who might be getting bored, while the idea of its being only temporary encourages people to “get it while you can”, perhaps ordering it as an extra to their regular subscription. Meanwhile on the manufacturing side, you only need to make one extra production run through your co-packer. Make and bag few hundred kilos one time, then back to normal operation. From an inventory-control view, it’s just one extra SKU to keep track of, and when it’s gone, it’s gone.

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