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The linked article is an optimistic round-up of the state of insects in U.S. and world agriculture. They are more efficient at converting feed to protein, and some consumers — notably “paleo” and other nutrition fans — are coming to accept them. However, bigger companies are hanging back because the FDA has yet to grant insect protein the status of GRAS, “Generally Regarded As Safe”.

In other entomophageous news, [Forbes Magazine](https://www.forbes.com/forbes/welcome/?toURL=https://www.forbes.com/sites/taranurin/2017/06/22/dont-bug-out-the-latest-food-trend-has-drinkers-pairing-insects-with-alcohol&refURL=&referrer=) (caution: auto-play video) has a lengthy article on the trend toward “pairing” insect foods with particular drinks.

In late 2014, British wine merchant Laithwaite’s published the world’s first guide to selecting that perfect vintage for your insect dinner.

Laithwaite’s wine buyer Beth Willard told the Drinks Business shortly after publication, “When you consider that many of the words used to describe the aroma of wine – earthy, grassy, floral – can also be used to describe the bugs’ habitats, it’s no surprise that wine can complement the distinctive tastes of insects.”

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