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Multiple users of Soylent Drink have complained over the past two weeks about a change in flavor and in digestibility that seems to be related to the change from the old, round bottles to the new “squround” shape. Possibly the newer bottles are being filled in a different co-packer facility? For whatever reason, these complaints have been recorded on reddit:

* 2 Dec. Original Formula changed??”seems less viscous … not agreeing with my stomach”; “It is different. I also get that mild crampy-ness…”

* 30 Nov. Soylent tastes chalky this time?”since the square-ish bottles they’ve tasted a but different…??I?ve found coffiest to be really inconsistent lately… I just had one for lunch out of a new shipment and now my stomach is cramping.”

* 24 Nov. Has anyone noticed a different taste in coffiest?”…the taste has definitely been differen…fake chemical tasting … My stomach’s been a bit sour afterwards too”, “Definitely a different flavour in the sqround bottles”, “Took my stomach a couple weeks to get used to the new ones again.”

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