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In this interesting interview, Sated founder Ted Tieken opines they can challenge Soylent in “brick-and-mortar” retail:

We’re in the process of hiring a head of sales and will the start the process of going bricks and mortar probably in about six months.

Which would give Rosa Foods, makers of Soylent, about a two-year head start. Given the intense competition for shelf space in retail refrigerator displays, I don’t expect to see Sated next to Soylent at my 7-11 anytime soon.

Tieken acknowledges that “keto” is a trend now,

We understand that trends happen… we’re preparing ourselves for both explosive growth up and then for the inevitable 50% contraction year…

But they ran a 4,000-person survey and found most keto dieters do not plan to stop.

The interview also offers some insight into the production challenges of RTD, and introduced me to a whole new vocabulary! Tieken says in part,

…The biggest challenge in shelf-stable protein … is microbes… to get a … sterile product there are a few different technologies — the two most common are aseptic and retort.

They’re a what and a who now? Google to the rescue! Per Wikipedia, a Retort Pouch is…

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