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As we previously have hinted at we have created an improved version of Chocolate and are starting to sell it today.

Version 2.0 ? What did we improve?

Improving Chocolate was no easy feat. Since Chocolate was already your favorite, we tested iterations with some Chocolate fans. The result is an even?more round chocolate taste.

We also?reduced the viscosity?to make it more drinkable, while keeping the satiating feeling.

Chocolate 2.0 is less viscose than Chocolate 1.0, but more viscose than the liquid Vanilla and Strawberry Limited Editions.
These improvements were made possible by switching to our new 330 ml Tetra Paks. Saturo Chocolate 2.0 is now ?Made in Germany?.

When can I get it?

We did not want to have you wait for long, so we waited until the last minute before announcing it. Starting tomorrow, Friday, we are shipping Chocolate 2.0…

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