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(Click Details for a bonus link!) John Coogan, who had been CTO for Soylent since the beginning, has left the company to do other things.

He says that after

…five years I’m now an executive at a CPG company that is growing, and is a midmarket company at this point, we’ve raised a bunch of money, we’re going into retail, and more and more I’m just not the perfect person for the job it has developed into…

He also posted about it on Medium not long ago.

“CPG”? It’s industry-speak for Consumer Packaged Goods. According to Investopedia, these are

goods consumed every day by the average consumer. The goods that… need to be replaced frequently, compared to those that are usable for extended periods of time.

Since that’s what Soylent was selling from the beginning, the difference between an exciting start-up and a boring old CPG company is one of perception.

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