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Elon Musk wants to get to Mars, whatever it takes. We want to develop the best complete food product for you, to help you perform and reach your goals. Therefore we are in constant exchange with you to hear back how you like Saturo, what you wish for and how we can improve. This was the main reason for our new product releases. Many of you wished for the same two new flavors. You want it, we bring it: We proudly announce Saturo Vanilla and Saturo Strawberry.

With our release come new 330 ml bottles, also based on customer feedback. Many of you think this helps them to waste less food because you can easier dose the amount you want to eat and don’t have to leave a bottle open. The smaller bottles also help to use Saturo as a snack, two bottles now make a complete meal. They now can also consist out of two different tastes. Three meals with two bottles each are an easier way to reach the daily recommended calorie intake. We agree with your reasoning and hope you like what we made out of it!
We chose Tetra Pak because some of you didn’t particularly like our bottles made out of plastic. Tetra Pak, on the other hand, is carton based.

The new form factor also allows us to create more flavors and improve our current flavors faster. We will keep pushing to ensure you get the healthiest and best tasting complete food from Saturo.

You might be wondering if we keep the 500 ml bottles…

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