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I’ve always been fascinated with the hero archetype.

How seemingly normal people can embark on an adventure, tackle their biggest fears, conquer obstacles and come out the other side with invaluable knowledge and experience that they can then pass onto to others.

That idea actually forms the basis of much of the work I do at my own site, Health Room. And it’s an absolute privilege to work with another brand, Ambronite, that shares a very similar vision.

You see, superheroes are not just the characters you read about in comic books, hear of in ancient myths or see gracing your TV screen.

It’s not just about Wonder Woman, Thor or Conor McGregor.

We are all superheroes in our own right. Every single one of us. Whether we choose to accept it or not, life throws at us our own version of the hero’s journey. And it’s up to us how we choose to navigate it.

Sure, you might not have been born with superhuman powers. The ability to fly would be nice, as would superhuman strength. I wouldn’t complain if I could shoot webs like spiderman either…

But the reality is, you have things that are much more special.

You have the extraordinary abilities to think laterally and to take…

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