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If you are a fan of the “How It’s Made” series, you’ll love this post by the ViteRamen team, describing the challenges of getting started with mass production of nutritious noodles. Here’s the kind of thing they’re dealing with:

Dough gets stickier the hotter it gets, so water content needs to be adjusted accordingly; if it gets too sticky, it gums up the machine and can even break parts (that high protein dough?s got some power)! At the same time, too little water will prevent the flour into forming into good dough to begin with; gluten relies on adequate hydration in order to form properly. It might also run the risk of drying too quickly in the microwave and charring on the inside.

Also, the linked post has the full nutrition labels, and it must be satisfying for them to see that they have hit at least 25% RDA of every micronutrient in every 500kcal serving.

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