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I have recently been researching and writing articles about smaller European brands. Companies that have recently started or have a smaller following than the Big Three (Huel, Queal and Jimmyjoy) and other old school brands (Ambronite, Mana). To my surprise, I have found out that they first, more often than not, offer very good quality products. Superior in many ways, even, to those offered by better known companies.

Therefore, with the uprising of more competition, I hope to see a meal replacement market that is pushed to the limits to succeed. I feel like many brands have gone easy and customers have grown used to their limitations.

This new breed should be encouraged and tried by the customer base. Achieving so by not purchasing their shakes by habit; but rather by intelligent choice of their ideal meal replacement.

So withouth further ado, I want to introduce and discuss the hidden gems of the European meal replacement market and why you should at least try them once.

The New Breed of Jedis

Europe is one of the best places to be a meal replacement fan. As portrayed in the Ultimate Meal Replacement List, there is over 30 different brands catering for all types of diets and nutritional needs. Nonetheless, quantity, more often that not, is not related with quality. This is why I was really surprised, when reviewing some smaller companies, I found out that they are very competitive with bigger brands.

I have heard good things about newcomers and smaller brands, such as, Pacafood, Saturo or Yfood. Besides them, I have recently have the pleasure to work on and try Satislent, Pulve and Runtime. Thus, I will use these last three to make a case for my point…

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