Ambronite Superhero Podcast #6: Nootropics, Cognitive Enhancement and Food Biohacks - Eat Complete
January 2, 2017

Ambronite Superhero Podcast #6: Nootropics, Cognitive Enhancement and Food Biohacks


Do you know how your daily habits, food and supplements affect your cognitive performance, learning, motivation and memory?

In this insightful and practical talk with Ryan Munsey we explore nootropics, cognitive enhancement and biohacking.

You will learn what people often get wrong about nootropics, the steps for cognitive enhancement for beginners and vital tests that even most advanced biohackers miss, and what steps anyone can take to get quantifiable results and avoid the pitfalls while optimizing their cognitive performance.

Ryan Munsey is Chief Optimizer at Natural Stacks and hosts the Optimal Performance podcast.

He is a former fitness model and gym owner turned writer, speaker, and biohacker. Ryan has a dietetics degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition from Clemson University.

After graduation, he spurned the traditional R.D. route to pursue fitness modeling in New York City where he also began his career as a personal trainer and nutritionist. Ryan is also an avid hunter and resides in his hometown of Roanoke, VA.

We talk about

– How you can take your cognitive performance and memory to the next level with nootropics and other proven methods

– What most people get wrong about nootropics and cognitive enhancement

– The must-do measurements that you need to choose the right methods and nootropics for you

– Ryan’s favorite biohacks and preformance boosting methods in everyday life as a traveling entrepreneur

– How to find the best nootropics for you, reap the benefits and avoid the downsides of nootropics

– Why sleep is the most powerful nootropic

– How to determine your baseline and focus on improving the right things in your cognitive performance

– Origins of nootropics, synthetic and natural forms

– A herb that had been used for centuries in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine to reduce stress and cortisol

– What exogenous ketones Ryan uses and why

– Ryan’s travel kit

– Ryan’s favorite method of monitoring ketone levels

– Cognitive hacking

Read more on the Ambronite Blog here.

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