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November 14, 2019

Ambronite ‘treat bar’ coming soon


In an email today Ambronite founder Simo discusses his difficulty finding plant based treats/snacks that taste nice but aren’t filled with preservatives or artificial flavourings etc etc.

He runs through what he doesn’t like, a few tips on what to check for, and how he finds things to snack on that are genuinely enjoyable and don’t sacrifice health or flavour.

And then at the bottom of the email they drop this…

PS. We couldn’t find a proper bar with real plant-based ingredients you can taste. So we made one. You can order it next week.

So that’s exciting. Video and email below.

I love good treats. I firmly believe that treats should FEEL as good as they taste.

Unfortunately, most treats don’t.

I prefer treats made with real, recognizable ingredients, that are incredibly tasty, healthy and convenient.…

that’s a tall order, no matter where I shop. Nuts and many other snacks can get dull fast. Clean plant-based bars that are both tasty and free of nonsense are hard to find.

The reasons are many: cheap, artificial ingredients are easier to use in production. Even previously reputable brands have had the real berries in their products replaced with artificial “flavors” to minimize costs.

Coatings on bars and cookies are often the worst offenders. Suspect “chocolate” coatings that have never seen a cacao bean are common. Weird ingredients that don’t belong in a tasty, stomach friendly treat.

I love good treats and have had a lot of trouble finding the good stuff. Judging by the amount of questions, this is a common problem among people who aren’t satisfied with the flimsy health-compromising options out there.

I just made a short video on this. In this short video, you can learn the tips I use to find zero-guilt treats that taste AND feel great (after all, choosing the good stuff means you don’t need hold yourself back):

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