Starting December 15th, Soylent will begin shipping the newest iteration of their Powder.

Following the debut of Powder 1.6, we received numerous recommendations from our core customer base on topics ranging from viscosity and flavor profile to digestion and sustainable ingredients. Since then, our Product team has been working diligently to improve the formula based on this feedback.

In an effort to address customer appeals for a more neutral flavor profile, Powder 1.7 reduced the sweetness found in Powder 1.6 by lowering both the natural and artificial flavors (1g to 0.6g), decreasing the level of sucralose (0.023g to 0.015g), and adding a small amount of sodium (1500mg to 1600mg). Xanthan gum was reduced to 1g from 1.15g to create the thinner consistency our customers had requested.

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