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October 29, 2020

Can you get Peanut Butter Huel in the UK or EU?


Huel just announced their latest main line flavour and people are losing their minds.

It’s Peanut Butter, obviously, a flavour that’s been requested for ages and has seen many opting to nut their Huel up in a whole range of different ways. Well, in three ways: either adding actual peanut butter and blending, using Huel’s flavour boost, or adding some other kind of PB flavouring. New premixes though, are always popular.

It’s coming to v3 Huel Powder, Huel Black, and naturally, there’s a Peanut Butter Huel bar as well.

But right now it’s a US exclusive and it’s got a lot of people asking whether this is a phased release and when they’ll be able to get it in the UK and EU.

So, when will you be able to get the new Peanut Butter Huel in the UK and EU?

You won’t.


At least not for the foreseeable future.


The reason is due to manufacturing and food labelling and it comes down to this:

Wherever Huel is packaged in the US they’re able to process nuts in a separate building to where they process flavours that don’t contain nuts. In the UK and EU… they can’t.

That means in the UK and EU there’d be a chance of cross contamination and peanuts could, theoretically, end up in flavours they’re not supposed to be.

These days any food product that could feasibly contain nuts – purposely or otherwise – has to state so on the labelling – and if all Huel flavours suddenly had may contain nuts on them, that could be a big problem.

It’s the same thing we saw when v3 Huel first launched with Kelp as an ingredient and they had to put may contain fish or crustaceans on the label.

Huel didn’t see any issue because, naturally, they knew that the chances of any fish or crustaceans actually being in Huel was close to zero, but people take keen notice of allergy warnings for obvious reasons.

They learnt their lesson: Kelp was removed, the allergy warning went, and clearly they’re not taking chances here. Rightly so of course.

It’s a shame, but it’s real, and it’s confirmed by Huel’s very own Tim.

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