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This blog post is written by Simo Suoheimo, Superhero and cofounder at Ambronite. It’s based on solving some of the common pain points, as reported by our blog readers and newsletter subscribers,?in daily focus and brain power with actionable and proven, research based tools and techniques.

Do you ever feel ‘stuck? or brain fogged, like your brain and thinking is stuck on second gear?

Most people do. Often after eating.

And the science of food, and sugar in particular, reveals there’s a lot you can do about it.

To solve the root cause and rescue your brain from constant stagnation, it’s worth asking yourself:

Are High Glycemic Foods Causing You Brain Crash? or Post-Lunch Apathy

Now, as the cofounder of Ambronite, it’s no surprise that I’m ‘someone who?gets massive kicks from solving problems like this. Remember, I used to struggle with this stuff myself before starting the company with Mikko and Arno in 2013!

Nowadays, our team’regularly gets mails and feedback like this from people who have noticed brain fog, found the cause (their food choices), and fixed this part of life for good:

?So, I started tweaking my diet about a year ago. After…

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