April 8, 2017



Creativity is the most dynamic and mysterious force shaping our world. It is increasingly seen as an invaluable skill both in work and in life more generally: enriching countries, companies, communities, and the lives of individuals who wield it. But what is creativity? And how does one develop it? The scientific community is investing a good deal of time and resources into answering these questions.What does this growing body of research have to say?

First: creativity is not simply something we are endowed with at birth it can be developed and harnessed through own effort. Effort, in this context, does not mean mindlessly labouring over a notepad. It refers to the thoughtful cultivation of habits that are essential for stimulating creativity: the habits at the foundation of a creative lifestyle.

Studies on various aspects of our lives are revealing exactly which of these habits are most beneficial to our creativity. Let’s have a look at the habits that will enhance your creativity the most.


Not only does reading increase our empathy,it happens to be one of the single best habits for enhancing your creativity. It boosts creativity in three main ways: promoting a positive mindset, relieving stress and increasing tolerance for ambiguity.

A study by graduates at Western Ontario University, published in the US Association for Psychological Science journal found that creativity thrives in people who are happy and positive, which happens to be an area where reading comes in handy. A 2013 UK national survey of adult reading habits?found that those?who read books regularly are, on average, more satisfied with life, happier, and more likely to feel their lives are worthwhile. If you read regularly, the resulting improvements in mood will spill over into your creative endeavours. So you’re happier and more creative kind of like killing two birds with one book!

Reading is also a boon to creativity insofar as it promotes a calm, contemplative mindset reducing stress more than?listening to music, drinking tea, taking a walk, or any other commonly used stress relief method. Stress is a significant?inhibitor of creativity, so, if you find yourself stressed and struggling to be creative, pick up a book and relax.

Like stress, the need for cognitive closure? (NFCC) is a primary deterrent of creativity. NFCC defines how patient a person is in solving problems, and how likely they are to opt for the most obvious, least creative solution. Research from the University of Toronto?found that those…

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