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Once a homegrown garage operation, Mana is now a successful European startup that employs a large team of scientists and biochemists, as well as patented food-production technology. 

In 2014, founder Jakub Krejcik and his partners created a powdered food named after manna, an edible substance described in the Bible. They designed it to provide the human body with everything it needs and nothing more. But what began as a bootstrap effort to develop complete and healthy food for friends and family quickly turned into a large-scale initiative to serve the planet and its people.

Today, Mana is a global company with a mission to scientifically engineer complete-nutrition food products for better, everyday living, and produce and distribute them via an increasingly sustainable supply chain. Every month, it sells 300 tons of food across the entire European Union. In a few weeks, it will be launching sales in the U.S.

This is the story of Mana, as told by Jakub himself:

Humble Beginnings

What a true honor. We were the first producer of complete-nutrition drinks and powders in the European Union, and we now have the opportunity to share our tradition with the USA. To think that…

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