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June 9, 2017

Alan’s Soylent Experiment: First 24 Hours of Soylent

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7:58 A.M. – So I just consumed my first serving of plain soylent ever. My first impression is this transition is going to be a bit rough taste-wise. I think it might be the soy protein isolate that gives the nutty aftertaste. I’m trying to decide whether I should drink this slowly, or just down it like a college kid at a party. On the one hand, they say you will get used to the taste, and on the other hand this stuff isn’t good tasting at all. If I keep drinking it like this and after a week I’m still not starting to get used to the flavor I’m definitely going to start flavoring it. Come on taste-buds, get to work acquiring this taste? you did it with coffee and beer, you can do it again! Today’s starting weight was 293, actually six pounds down from where I was the last time I jumped on the scale. Other metrics soon to come. My bio-impediment scale was offline this morning due to dead and crusty batteries, so I’ll have to get some more. I’m going to see if it’s possible recruit my wife to do some body measurements to set up a decent baseline.

9:26 A.M. So it’s been a couple of hours since my last drink of soylent. I’m starting to get a little bit hungry…

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