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June 18, 2017

Ambronite Blog ? Your Ultimate Guide to The Slow Carb Diet (With…


You’ve no doubt heard about the low carb diet craze:

Countless people around the world are throwing out their beloved potatoes and grains all in the name of fitness and visible abs.

But wait a second – what if there was a way for you to have your cake and eat it, so to speak?

A way to get the potential benefits of reducing your carbohydrate intake, but still enjoy all your favorite foods once in a while too?

Enter the slow carb diet – the fat-loss brainchild of serial entrepreneur and self-experimenter Tim Ferriss.

It was first popularized after the launch of one of his many bestselling books back in 2010, The Four Hour Body, and has since gained a somewhat cult following.

In this article we’re going to delve deep into the diet – what slow carb involves, who it’s aimed at, common misconceptions surrounding the diet and mistakes people make, plus a bunch of tasty recipes for you to try.

Let’s get started…

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