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What makes a meal satisfying?

When we were creating Ample, that was one of the most important questions we had to answer. How could we make powder in a bottle really deliver the satiety of a sit-down meal?

Our goal was to design a meal that leaves you comfortably full, with stable energy for several hours. After a good bit of research (and some trial and error), we’ve learned that fullness depends on a few things, including digestion rate, energy balance, and hormone response. We came up with a combination that hits all three:

  • Several grams of fiber (including a couple particular types)
  • Moderate fat (again, the type matters)
  • Abundant protein

These three things contribute to Ample’s effect on satiety, and they’re also valuable for nutrition in general. You can try building meals around one or all of these guidelines and see if it changes the way you feel after you eat. Before you do that, though, let’s unpack each point in more detail.

Fiber: slow down digestion and increase nutrient absorption

Structurally, fiber is a carbohydrate.

But fiber is unique in the carbohydrate world. Starches and sugars (what most of us think of when we say carbs?) break down and…

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