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Cooking with BERTRAND – that is quite possible. And it tastes fantastic. Whether a delicious smoothie punch, healthy fruit bars or delicious pancakes. With BERTRAND (almost) anything is possible. Even baking cookies. To prove this to you, we now have a few delicious recipes on our YouTube channel at regular intervals. Delicious meals, which sound elaborate but are very simple and which BERTRAND gives a wonderful taste to!

Baking cookies is simply a part of the Christmas season. Whether you are baking to reminisce about your childhood, baking with your children or just because you really have an appetite for the little sweet biscuits. Every reason counts. That’s why we have a recipe for you today that is super easy. You have most of the ingredients at home anyway. Now there’s no excuse to stop you from baking cookies. Because so few ingredients are needed, you can start right away. Have fun with our last minute cookie recipe!

  • Servings: 10-20 Cookies
  • Time required: 20 min (+30 min Resting time)
  • Difficulty: easy
Baking cookies with BERTRAND

Ingredients For The Cookies

  • 200 gr Mehl
  • 125 gr Butter
  • 125 ml Wasser
  • 2 TL Salz
  • 85 gr Agave
  • 50 gr BERTRAND
  • Für die Glasur: Puderzucker und Zitronensaft

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