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We’ve had quite some feedback since our launch and we decided to give Coco Choco the first changes! Now, 7 months since launch we’ve worked through the first update on Coco Choco!

We’re proud to say we are now shipping Coco Choco v2.0! So what are the biggest changes between v1.0 and v2.0?

A little less flax(seed oil)
Because of the fluctuating quality of the flaxseed flour, we’ve decided to use less flaxseed flour in the v2.0 formula. In order to compensate the nutrient values and flavor, we’ve added a combination of flaxseed- and canola oil.

Less oaty, more Choco
We’ve also received input on flavor sensation. This was considered weak and too subtle. In order to change this, we’ve added a little natural aroma which makes the shake rounder, sweeter and fuller in taste.

Better balance
In order to counter the sinking of the heavier ingredients a little xanthan gum has been added. This makes it easier to store your shake in the fridge and you can take your time drinking it now.

100% Soy and Maltodextrin Free
Last but not least: We’ve replaced the base whey. We’ve switched from whey with soy lecithin to whey with sunflower lecithin. This means that Lently Coco Choco…

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