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Coffee flour is a new food product that is rich in dietary fiber, and as such may be of great value to makers of DIY meal replacements, and to the many who complain that Soylent and other commercial meal replacements lack fiber.

As described by its promotional group, coffee flour is made from the pulp that surrounds the valuable bean at the center of the coffee fruit. Ordinarily great quantities of the pulp are simply discarded. Now some is being made into a soft flour that, according to this retailer, is high in fiber and antioxidants.

The nutrition facts panel for coffee flour at least bears out the claim of fiber: 10g of the flour contain 5.2g of dietary fiber, of which only 1.8g is soluble. This compares well with Psyllium Husk powder, a favorite DIY additive for fiber, which has a bit over 7g fiber in 10g of powder — and does not make claims about antioxidants. Coffee flour also is a better source of iron than psyllium husk.

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