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In hundreds of responses, we heard your wishes for a next generation protein that ticks off convenience, taste, completeness and stomach friendliness.

You wanted a Complete Plant Protein. Protein made tasty, easy and stomach friendly. A nutritional insurance, for optimal overall health and muscle gain.

Complete Plant Protein Launched

This was definitely missing from the world, so we created it. I’m excited to introduce Ambronite Complete Plant Protein

Easy, tasty plant protein shake with complete amino acid profile 

4 grams of BCAAs per serving 

Fully absorbed with powerful natural digestive enzymes 

No added sugar, dairy free, and gluten free

Great-tasting berry flavour

To make life easy, here are the launch deals, shipped to your door. No need to leave the house:

>>> Complete Plant Protein Launch Deals

Stay strong and healthy and help others do the same this week, wherever you are!

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