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When quarantine first happened, it was scary, but it was a chance for all of us to take a much-needed pause from the hustle and bustle of normal life. Getting used to being at home was challenging. Home quickly became the office, school, and even the playground, but one of the biggest challenges—constant cooking.

According to a study conducted last May, over 56% of people eat out up to three times per week, and 10% eat out four to six times per week. Let’s say you fall somewhere in the middle of that. You’re eating out four times a week, leaving you with just three days of cooking at home.

Three days have now turned to every day.

Cooking Fatigue is Real. Here’s How to Eat without Cooking.

At first, it was exciting—cookbooks were dusted off from the bottom of the bookshelf and put to use. TikTok brought us endless easy breakfast recipes to try and make our mornings a little more exciting. Everyone (all at the same time) decided they wanted to test out their baking skills, making flour and yeast an even more hot commodity than hand sanitizer.

Yes, it was fun for a while. But now, your days look a little something like this:

Breakfast: Wake up and think about what to make for breakfast. You drudge yourself to the kitchen and settle for a cup of coffee.

Lunch: Think about what to make for lunch. After opening and closing the refrigerator doors 50+ times, you give up, walk to the pantry, and polish off that bag of chips you’ve been working on all week.

Dinner: Think about what to eat for dinner. The thought of firing up the oven or stove makes you cringe internally. You order delivery instead.

Cooking fatigue is real.

It’s real, it’s here, and it’s coming for you.

What is cooking fatigue?
You can probably guess that it’s something that a professional chef never experiences, but it’s something the average American in quarantine does. Cooking every meal every day is exhausting, and quite frankly, it’s not normal.

Well, it’s 2020, and food has come a long way. There are a few things that can help us combat cooking fatigue, but still get the nutrition we need—no apps, no phone, no takeout required.

How to eat without cooking.
What a weird thought to have—either you have to cook or have someone else cook for you. There’s no way you can eat without cooking, right?

Yes, there is. It’s called Soylent.

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