About 2 weeks ago, we determined we would bring in enough materials to make 2 months worth of Keto Chow 1.9, hoping that by the time that’s used up we’ll be rocking Keto Chow 2.0 for a while. So the plan was we would have everything here some time ago. Unfortunately, a couple vendors waited over a week to ship stuff and our supplies of Keto Chow were down to almost zero (like all we had were 4 strawberry and 2 chocolate fudge!). We got the last missing ingredients, xanthan gum and potassium citrate, this afternoon and immediately set to work. I’m finally sitting down to take a rest and enter the inventory numbers into the site. We’ll make even more tomorrow but this allows everyone to start placing orders again.

The one dark cloud in all this is Rich Chocolate and Chocolate Peanut Butter. Rich Chocolate is our most popular flavor and Peanut Butter is the best flavor anyone who says different is lying. Anyhow, today we used up the last of our Rich Chocolate protein powder to make some Peanut Butter. So there’s a little bit of the Chocolate Peanut Butter in stock and zero of the Rich Chocolate available. The new supply of Rich Chocolate shipped today (also a week late), we might get it Friday or Monday. So until then, most of the flavors are back in stock just not all.