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It’s no secret: CrossFit is currently one of the fastest growing fitness trends, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing.

All across the globe, guys and gals alike (see CrossFit coach Amee Livingston) are trading their health suite passes and aerobics classes for Crossfit Boxes and WODs.

The name of the game? High intensity, functional fitness.

The big question? What should you eat before, during and after a gruelling session to get the most out of your body and promote adequate recovery?

Let’s take a look?

Pre Workout

As we mentioned previously in our pre-workout meal article, a good pre-workout is easy for your body to digest, contains a good blend of macro and micronutrients, and provides you with lasting energy.

With that in mind, a sweet potato, medium banana, smoothie or even a small Ambronite power bowl can all work well. Or if you take the high fat approach, a coconut oil enriched coffee is another viable way to go.

Just make sure to give yourself enough time to digest your food/drink properly. You might be able to get away with a liquid close to your workout, but with anything that requires chewing, you might want to give yourself an hour or two to minimise your…

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