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March 3, 2017

Fasting and Life Extension


What if you could not only be more productive but also have more time to do your work? What if you can experience the positive benefits of living a longer life, without the trouble? That is what I wanted to explore in today’s research about radical life-extension. Today I will ask the questions if we can live longer than 100 years, and how you can do did without any actual technology but with changes in your diet.

Ageing and Caloric Restriction

Caloric restriction is the practice of strategically eating less, to get a positive health benefit. In experiments with lab mice, caloric restriction has shown to increase lifespan by 20-30 percent. This happened when they fed the mice 30-40 percent less than they would normally eat. The mice also didn’t develop cancer, diabetes, heart disease, or obesity. They also have low blood sugar levels, low insulin levels, good insulin sensitivity, low blood pressure, and better general health. Physiologically, they were doing great.

But not psychologically. The lab mice showed signs of depression and irritability. The lack of energy made them lethargic and without the proper energy, their extended?

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