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We made it to February, phew! :D?I don’t know about you, but my New Year’s resolutions went out the window immediately when I got sick for a whole month and we got swamped with a huge backlog, after’the rush of January orders combined with a delayed vitamin mix shipment and working past midnight became the new normal. But I hear February is the new January (okay, actually I just made that up), so I’m looking forward to a fresh start this month. 🙂

Here’s the news:

  • The sale continues: reduced prices extended through February!
  • New?vitamin mix: updated for 2018 Nutrition Facts and more.
  • Should we skip the’scoops sometimes Take the survey!

In January, we experimented with lowering prices to the absolute minimum while still covering our costs. I was curious to see if volume would increase, potentially carving out some profit margin again because of lower overhead.

So what happened??Long story short, January sales were up 50% from the monthly average last year, and the number of orders was?double‘that of December! Needless to say, we’ve been very busy. :p And to my pleasant surprise, the increase in volume pretty closely balanced out the decrease in prices, and the overall profit* for January ended up?being?comparable’to that of a typical month last year!…

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