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November 21, 2019

Firestairrun – Stair Run 2019

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Once again we met with the firefighter Guido Hartmann, but this time he not only ran for the cause, but was also the organizer of the Firestairrun in Paderborn. This charity run took place for the second time this year

For the Stair Run, the firefighters run up the steps of the stair tower on Building H at the University of Paderborn in full gear, and then descend again. These climbs and descents will be sponsored this year by 17 companies, including pharmacists and manufacturers of workwear and, of course, BERTRAND. For the first time this year, the team of the Children’s Hospital St. Luise Paderborn was there to raise money for children who are seriously ill. The money raised will be donated in equal parts to two foundations, namelyaktion benni & co e.V.“ der deutschen Duchenne Stiftung and “Help for the child suffering from cancer and severe illness e.V.” from Paderborn.

Along with Guido Hartmann, Björn Beil, fireman of the Paderborn fire department and Mathias Schmidt, ambassador for the German Duchenne Foundation, also took part. We were able to conduct a short interview with all three committed runners.

Guido Hartmann

Guido, how do you prepare yourself for a stair run like this?
By running! Of course running stairs from time to time. Especially if you are – either voluntarily or professionally – with the fire department, you should already have a certain affinity for sports, this run in particular is testimony to that. And, of course, to live a healthy life, it’s not just about being fit for this event, but also about staying fit and healthy.

And what exactly is the purpose behind this run?
We are having a hard time today. The sick children we’re raising funds for have a hard time their whole lives. With the staircase running in work gear we want to make it difficult for ourselves one time for eight hours. And of course we also want to raise awareness of the children’s diseases.

And what about your nutrition?
Well I use, among other things, your BERTRAND products. I mainly use them as a supplement, on days when I have a stressful deployment. It’s healthy and it provides me with everything and it’s organic. I attach great importance to that.

Michael Schmidt

How did the Stair Run actually come about?
I organize yet another run in Höxter, which has already taken place for the sixth time and I thought, why not a challenge that takes place in the winter? With Guido I initiated the Firestairrun a year ago.

And how did you prepare yourself?
Not at all, honestly. I’ve been sick. However, I was at a marathon in Boston this year.

Do you know and use our BERTRAND products?
Of course I know and use them again and again. Especially when I’m short on time. I particularly like the active version and the blueberry flavor

Will it happen again next year?
Of course. Sickness doesn’t stop!

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