Update: we are having supply issues with several components, notably xanthan gum and the silver bags we use. We placed an emergency order for some xanthan gum but the order we placed for the bags is finally shipping, 6 days later. Likely we won’t have suitable supplies until Wednesday morning when stuff will go back in stock. To that end, the sale on Cookies and Cream has been extended a week, until March 12. So it’ll be on sale and in stock for a full week, just with a sad week of no Cookies between.


This week we’re doing 20% off all the different sizes of Cookies & Cream.In my opinion, it’s one of the sweeter flavors and one of my wife’s favorite flavors. It’s also the flavor used in this post over on /r/keto for an eggnog recipe?(dang, still haven’t had a chance to try that with all the Keto Chow 2.0 testing I did this weekend).