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April 9, 2020

How to boost your Immune System

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We’re currently hearing a lot of talk about keeping our immune system healthy to fight off the Coronavirus. But what defines a healthy immune system, and what does one need to achieve that? Also not unimportant: can our Plenny Shake products contribute to a healthy immune system? Let’s take a dive.

What defines a healthy immune system?

The body has its own defense mechanism against disease-causing microorganisms, such as viruses, bacteria, and parasites called the immune system (1,2). This system is formed by multiple defensive compounds called white blood cells, and they are capable of recognizing and removing these substances and cells that do not belong in the body (1).

The immune system remembers which of these substances it has attacked so that renewed contact with this substance leads to an even faster and stronger reaction (1). In order to stimulate the body’s capability of defending itself against pathogens, the body should be nourished by a healthy lifestyle, starting with a balanced and complete diet (2). In animal studies, it was found that deficiencies of certain micronutrients lead to a negative alteration of the immune system (2). Reason enough to…

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