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We all have had days when there’s no time for breakfast, or your schedule is jam-packed with one meeting after another. More often than not, you grab something quick and dirty to-go or end up skipping a meal completely. With SATURO there is no need to compromise, focus on the things you really love and let us take care of the meal part for you.

First things first, we are not trying to replace the food you love. However, what do we hope to achieve, is that you never have to have a compromise on your health again.

Start slow. Your body will need to get used to the new way of eating. Whether you are replacing a meal or having a SATURO snack, your body may react in different ways. This does not mean that you do not tolerate SATURO, your body needs time to adapt.

We would recommend that you consume only one SATURO meal a day in the first 3 to 5 days, and then slowly start to introduce the desired amount of SATURO products depending on your daily nutrition goals.

Whether you start your day off with our?SATURO Coffee?containing 150mg of Fairtrade coffee, or you replace your lunchtime meal with one of our other flavors, it’s completely up to you. And for all our sports enthusiasts, SATURO is also a great pre and post-workout source of nutrients and vitamins your body needs to energize and replenish itself.

Over to you, try it out, mix it up and see what your body responds to best.

Goodbye soggy sandwiches.

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