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On March 8th we will be celebrating the 119th International Women’s Day. This day aims to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. It also raises awareness of the fight for women’s equality. According to the UN, women still don’t have the same rights and opportunities as men anywhere in the world.

Let’s Sit Down With Szabina

Interview With Szabina: Queen of the Warehouse

To celebrate this day, we decided to interview our operations manager and crowned ‘Queen of the Warehouse’, Szabina. In January of 2015, Szabina arrived in Amsterdam from her hometown of Budapest, Hungary. One month later she started working on the production team at the half-year-old Jimmy Joy. Despite being the only woman and foreigner, she was promoted to operations manager only a year later. Thanks to her organizational skills, we have a smooth running inventory, impeccable production planning, the future prognosis for the stock, better teamwork within the production compartment and gender equality at Jimmy Joy.

Continue reading to learn about her journey from swiping on Tinder to kicking major ass in the Jimmy Joy warehouse.

How did your adventure at Jimmy Joy begin?

“It’s probably not your average application process. I signed up for Tinder, hoping to meet some people in my new city. I mentioned to one of my matches that I was also looking for a job, who pointed me towards his friend’s Joey’s new start-up, and that they were looking for someone. So, before even having a date with this guy, I had already managed to get a job here (we went on a few dates, it didn’t work out romantically). It’s funny, my whole up and running career depended on a Tinder swipe – so if anybody’s on Tinder, don’t give up, maybe it won’t be the love of your life but you can find a cool job as well…”

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