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The easiest way to eat vegan.

This is the moment; after months of tasting and tweaking, we can finally introduce our vegan recipe! We are happy to announce that our first batch of vegan powder will be banana flavoured.

Difference between Queal Standard and Vegan:

The biggest difference is that Queal Vegan won’t contain whey protein. Instead, we use pea and rice protein to provide you with the necessary protein requirements. Besides, one of our vitamin D resources was also derived from an animal resource so we changed the vitamin D source as well. Also, Queal Vegan will be lactose-free.

What took you so long?

Well? whey protein has a large influence when it comes to the flavour of the powder mixture. So until now, we weren’t enthusiastic about the taste of our vegan version yet. We’re going to sell a small amount approx. the amount of two batches of Limited Editions of the vegan bags first to see if you agree on the taste of the mix.

When you guys think our vegan shake is absolutely fantastic, we’ll run a competition to decide what flavour should be next. Therefore, it’s important to let us know what you think. We’ve set up a forum topic to discuss…

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