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Shortly after founder Joey von K. took a personal interest in the debate about the new Plenny Shake formula, JJ is offering pre-orders of the new, new formula. At the linked pre-order page, you see that this formula has 27g protein in each 93g serving. That’s a lot, and nearly double the amount in the current (one-month-old) Plenny Shake formula, which comes in at only 15g protein per serving.

Edit: In the announcement thread on Reddit, Joey says,

I wanted a formulation based on the community so here it is. It will take six weeks for the bags to be delivered. Because we’re self funded I decided to make a very attractive pre-order. I’ve set the price for the 10.000kcal big bag at 20,- EUR (25 meals of 400kcal) and will increase it with 2,50 EUR per week we get closer to launch.

Questioned about the flavor, he says it is “very plain” but later they could do “flavor packs”. Asked what flavors, he says

haha. All the flavours of Plenny would not be that hard to make because we already have it in stock. I will discuss it with it the Supply Chain manager tomorrow.

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