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Last year I started 2019 doing 100 days of only Keto Chow for all my meals. A lot of that was to prove it was viable as a sole source of nutrients to prove the haters wrong =) but I also did it to test out some theories about how different fats impact my cholesterol and triglyceride numbers. It was a really good experiment that yielded great data, I also missed eating brisket.

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This year I’m starting a different project, my plan is to either eat:

  • One Meal A Day (also known as OMAD)
  • 3 Keto Chow shakes

Without any snacking, no “cheating,” etc… I’m planning to make the 3 Keto Chow shakes the rule, rather than the exception with 60-75% of my days as Keto Chow only. Having the option of doing a large meal of keto food that isn’t Keto Chow allows me to still challenge myself while allowing flexibility for other keto foods when the occasion arises. Unlike last year I will not be the guy that’s drinking a shake when I cook ribs for Sunday dinner!

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