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It’s a look behind the scenes, it’s an insider’s take on Lently. It’s the message full of information about our course, direction and the things that have happened. This is the Lently Scoop #2!

In this edition we’re covering a few subjects:
Supplies: Short in stock (not in the video!)
Festival life: A magnificent way to experiment
Single meal packages: what’s next?
Vegan Versions: No more animal products
The regulars: tits and tats on the road

We’ll keep it short and simple, for the full haul of info check the video!

Supplies: Short in stock
It seems Lently is becoming more popular and our previous administration is not calculated to the demand of the previous month. So this means; our supply of Lently will run dry for a short period! Not to worry, our next shipment is already on route. We expect to run out of bags any day now, so if you wish to have Lently stocked, you should order now!

Festival life: A magnificent way to experiment
Each year around this time we kind of close our year by visiting Psy Fi festival with our improvised food truck. Psy Fi is a psychedelic festival filled with psytrance, goa…

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