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December 29, 2017

Lently’s Recap of 2017

Originally posted on  https://getlently.com/blogs/stories/lentlys-recap-of-2017.

Boy oh boy. What a year it has been for us! And that was in part, thanks to you! We’ve decided to share a summary of the things we’ve experienced behind the scenes for you! Pictures and everything!

July – It has to go down now
As most of you know, Lently started off as a different brand. Due to feedback from you and other customers, we decided to change the entire endeavor. Exciting, frightening and challenging at the same time. Because our previous idea worked, we were kind of taking a risk.

Everything had to be changed. The name, the designs, the formula, the website, the pouches.. Everything. Before we decided on Lently, we were struggling with many names and identities. But in the end we discovered to stay close to our ideals. Because that’s when we are at our best. It took a little while before we decided to stick with Lently and the name didn’t come from ourselves, but a good friend.

Within 2 (!) weeks we had to setup everything and within that time everything got overhauled again due to discoveries and miscommunications. But then, on the magical date half-way through july. After a few days of little sleep, many shakes and heated arguments the moment arrived where we pushed the proverbial button. We launched.

We sent out e-mails to notify you of our launch and you rewarded us by massively checking out our new website. That night, we didn’t get any sleep. We celebrated, worked and shipped your orders immediately after they started pouring in.

Drama, breakups and defeat
What goes up must come down. Shortly after the launch, irritations started rearing their head within the team. Staying together, in a small room, for long periods of time tends to do that apparently. In the period running up to the launch we were a team of 5. While some of us worked day and night, next to our regular jobs, others dedicated all their time to launching the new, better Lently. We had a focus. A dot on the horizon.

Because we work according to Slicing Pie principles, a methodology that values time and gives each individual a corresponding piece of the pie. Everything one does gets rewarded, once rewarding is possible. This brings with it a set of rules that need to be read and agreed on, because everything everyone does has consequences.

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