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Last time here on the Ambronite blog, we touched on some of my top tips and strategies for eating healthily whilst travelling.

This time we’re gonna explore another barrier that comes up maybe just as often: staying fit whilst on the move.

The big question is this:

How do you maintain your strength, endurance, mobility, or whatever movement skills are important to you whilst you’re on the road, out of your normal routine?

That’s the exact puzzle I’ve been playing with since setting off from my homeland last week for mainland Europe, and here’s what I’ve learned so far?

1. Explore on Foot

The one activity that forms the bulk of my movement when I’m away exploring new places on foot.

Whether it’s hustling through the busy streets of Barcelona or hiking around the crystal clear lakes of northern Croatia, those steps add up pretty quickly and we’ve found it fairly easy to hit 10 miles plus whilst taking in the new sites.

Bonus tip:?I like to make my walks a bit more interesting by clambering, balancing, crawling, squatting, and generally acting like a child whenever possible. Keeps the mind guessing and body nourished (even if it brings about a few puzzled looks…

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