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December 15, 2019

Name a more iconic duo, I’ll wait

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Let me introduce you to some of the star players on our team: our customer care gurus. If you’ve had some questions about your order you might’ve met them already by email and experienced their greatness. But for those who haven’t, meet Tim and Ben. Our beloved customer service team resolved 42.288 problems this year, but a strong, independent woman ain’t one.

Holy cow, after 2 years I still haven’t changed the default images in my photo frames, and you guys fix 3.524 problems in a month? That’s 117,46 a day. What’s your secret?

Ben: Every day I wake up around 7, in my satin pajamas and do a little meditation while watching reruns of old WWF fights. I’m always in a better flow after seeing Stone Cold Steve Austin or Macho Man Randy Savage win. The meditation ends with a nice cup of coffee, all black. And another one. Maybe a third. After that, I jump on my bike and ride through the hectic Amsterdam traffic, listening to some doom metal or bump some Wu-Tang. I mean one love to the caramel sundaes with the cherries on top, right? Arriving at the office I wait as long until one of my colleagues offers to bring me a coffee (love you Maarten <3). And just… work until I’m done?!

The secret to our customer care is to approach everybody as a ‘friend’. Or at least, talk to them how I would talk to friends. Sometimes it backfires, but most of the time I get a nice conversation out of it. 

After work, I usually end up making music until very late at night. That keeps me sane after fixing hundreds of people their problems day in, day out. 

With so much email traffic you must get to know our customers well.
How would you describe the average Jimmy Joy customer?

Tim: our customers are as diverse as you can expect humans to be. Some are warm and patient and feel like long-time friends. Some want to murder you. But no matter who they are, at one point they decided to try something different...

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