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Get your stainless steel ready because the original Chocolate Cinnamon ilixer recently improved!

We improved the taste and texture based on feedback from all of you.

Here’s what you can now expect from your ilixer powder:

Improved Flavor

We added organic monkfruit to our formula! Also known as luo han guo or the “Buddha fruit”, monkfruit gets its sweetness not from sugar, but from unique antioxidants called mogrosides.

We selected the highest quality monkfruit extract out there: both organic and containing over 50% mogrosides. We think you’ll be pretty surprised with the improved flavor this fruit provides—I know we were! We find the monkfruit to be synergistic with stevia, providing a delicious flavor profile we hadn’t achieved before.

Our powder is still flavored with a smooth non-dutched cacao and organic cinnamon to provide the perfectly nutritious, delicious meal with zero prep time.

Better Texture / Graininess Fix

You talked and we listened! Our ingredients are now finer ground, removing the original “graininess” from our first iteration. The new ilixer’s texture is smooth, silky, and goes better than ever before with water or nut milk.

So order up

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