Originally posted on futurefood.hellobox.co.

It’s like a K-Cup for food! This Australian startup hopes to sell a “complete meal” packaged in a disposable (biodegradable) plastic cup. The user attaches the pod to a custom Nü Pod shaker bottle, adds water, and shakes.

A few drawbacks we note:

One, their notion of a “meal” is pretty skimpy at 360 kcal per pod. That’s 0.9 of a Soylent drink, and less than a fifth of a normal 2000-kcal diet. Lots of people want more for lunch or even for breakfast — but probably not a whole second Pod’s-worth more.

Two, you must have their special shaker. It isn’t clear whether you can easily open a Pod and pour it into a standard shaker, or not.

Three, their primary macronutrient is pea protein, to which some people (including Superbodyfuel’s founder axcho) are allergic. Here’s the nutritional panel.

Still, if it looks good to you, you can back it on Kickstarter.

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