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Whoever has subscribed to the newsletter will already have seen it: our Green Bottles are finally available in all flavors. But what does this Green Bottle actually consist of? It actually looks like a normal plastic bottle?

However, our Green Bottles are different from conventional, petroleum-based plastic bottles. They are biodegradable. Both our label and our bottle are combustible or even compostable without emitting harmful substances:

Our bottle

The bottle consists of the polymers produced from sugar cane and sugar beet. It is therefore made of a renewable raw material, unlike plastic, which is made of mineral oil. Since the base consists of natural substances, it only emits the CO2 during combustion or decomposition, which it has previously absorbed as a plant. In addition, thermal recycling in waste incineration plants releases a high calorific value that can be used for the generation of electricity or heat. Composting of the bottle would also be possible.

In addition, the material is both BPA and antimony free. Therefore, the bioplastic from which our Green Bottle is made offers a good alternative to conventional plastics.

Our label

The label used for the Green Bottles, is made of grass paper, which is also a fast-growing, renewable raw material. The production of grass paper is more environmentally friendly than the production of paper from wood pulp, as grass paper requires significantly less water for production and saves a considerable amount of energy. In addition, 4.8 tons of CO2 are reduced during production. The elimination of processing chemicals, which are used for wood pulp production, also leads to a reduction of chemicals. Furthermore, the grass paper is recyclable and compostable.

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